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Hi there, I’m Dot. I was born and raised in the Ozarks and I love helping people find the perfect property. Whether you’re looking for a nightly rental investment opportunity or a new place to call home I’d love to help you through the process. 

When I’m not scouring the internet for interesting properties I’m probably out in the yard with my two pups or introducing them to the newest foster dog we’re hosting through Rescue One Springfield. 

Or I’m corralling my three rowdy little nephews for the day by letting them eat too many cookies and watching too many YouTube videos (they love it when Aunt Dot comes over). 


01. knowledgeable 

As a homeowner and nightly rental investor I can help navigate the process with a full understanding of the market and industry.

Also, our firm has spent the last 15 years curating a list of ideal nightly rental property locations. 

02. Dedicated

As a millennial, I am truly glued to my phone, so I answer promptly either with a call back or a text letting you know I’ll be calling back soon. 

I also check the market multiple times a day to see any new properties that might come up. 

03. professional

Don’t let the purple hair fool you, I’ve been involved in nightly rental investment for several years and I have a professional history of international event planning with multi-million dollar entrepreneurs. 

If you’re looking for a laid back professional who will get it done let’s work together! 

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